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Portrait Photography at the Southbank

A selection of images from a recent location portrait shoot around London’s Southbank. For some reason I love concrete, maybe I’ve been living in London too long!

The Southbank provide lots of interesting angles to work with, and within a relatively short space of time a variety of different portrait photos can be taken.

The client in this case is Guillaume, who is the Finance Director for a financial social enterprise.

by Andrew Mason

Clapham Photographer

I’ve lived in Clapham, London SW4 for over 10 years and many of my clients come from this area of south west London, and of course I take photos of people from all over london.

As a photographer in Clapham I find that as well as a large number of professional people who need good images, I have also been fortunate enough to photograph families from the area, and there also seem to be a number of musicians who find me by searching for a Clapham photographer.

Photography in Clapham

Here is a selection of images for some clients in Clapham:

Clapham Photographer
Clapham Photographer
Photographer Clapham
Photographer Clapham
Clapham Family photography
Clapham family photography


If you’re looking for a photographer in Clapham, then get in touch by calling me on 07779 082 909 or send me an email.


by Andrew Mason

More headshots

Some more recent headshots.

Both in completely unrelated fields of work – one music student, and a consultant in the education sector. Each needed some good images for social networks, profiles and general publicity.

The images were shot in my London studio.