Author Headshot Photography

Author Headshot Photography

Your publisher asks you for a recent author headshot photo that can be used in the press release for your new book. Plus, she says you need a picture of yourself for the book itself.

Realising the picture they are currently using is over ten years old, you scroll through your phone, looking for something that could be used.

You find a half decent picture from a wedding you went to in 2019, but how are you going to crop out that slightly drunk looking friend with their arm around you?

It’s time to bite the bullet, and get a proper author headshot photo, like one of these:

Many of the authors who come to me are in this very situation. And usually they come to me slightly stressed because they need the photo by the start of next week.

How do you get a good author headshot done?

First, have a think about the type of photo that would suit the subject matter of the book you have written. If you have written a piece of dark horror fiction, you probably don’t want the same photo as someone who’s written about life on the farm in 1930s Worcestershire.

Then, consider where you want the photos to be taken. We could use my studio, or it might be better to take them outside, or in a location that depicts what you do or the subject you write about. You may know the perfect place to have your photo taken. If not, I’m happy to help with suggestions.

Also, ask your publisher about rights for the image including how and where it will be used.

Then, get in touch with me and I will work with you to create some author headshots that you can use for the next ten years and take way the stress of scrolling through your phone to find the perfect photo.

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