Natural Headshot Photography

Natural Headshot Photography

When you think about  ‘natural headshot photography’, what does that mean?

Lots of things about a headshot can be natural, including light, location, look, pose and expression.

In fact, the more genuine a headshot is the better, because it shows how you really look when you are happy, relaxed and confident.

Natural Headshot Photos

Why Have A Natural Headshot Photo?

Headshots can be used for many purposes. They are suitable for work, social media, actors, musicians. In fact there are not many places where they don’t work.

My whole process is centred around getting the most genuine headshot I can.

To do this you need to feel relaxed and confident, and also be in a situation where you are comfortable. You need to know how to stand, or site to give the most natural pose. And you need to be in a location that gives light that works perfectly for headshots.

You also need to be confident in your photographers ability to get the shots you need. It’s a complete waste of time and money otherwise.

Headshots Are Second Nature To Me

People often come for a headshot session feeling slightly apprehensive but leave saying it was actually quite enjoyable.

When they see the photos, clients say things like “You really got me!”. To me, that means I have captured natural photos, because to “get someone” in a photo means you have captured their real expression and the way they really look.

The opposite it something that is staged, awkward and forced. Rarely is that a good look for a headshot.

So, if you want something similar, get in touch.