Photography For Websites

Nearly every photo I take is used by clients on the web. This is obviously no surprise.

Recent projects have included an government department, a therapist, a leading business school, a barristers chambers and an investment bank.

Here are a few examples:

If you’re reading this you know it’s important that you, or your company is represented well on the web. I work with clients to make this happen. Two things are important to get right:

  1. The look of your photo needs to match your website, for example: do you want a studio shot, or to use your office as a background.
  2. The look of your people is important too! Should they look super formal or happy and relaxed.

I work with clients to get both of theses things right and create images which are exactly what’s required. If you’re a small company or contractor I’ll probably suggest you come to my studio and we create some professional website photography. If you have more staff it will most likely be easier for me to visit your site and use your office to create a studio or to incorporate the work environment into the images.

Website photos are then edited to be the correct size for your website, and I can create photos that have a similar look to the photos you already have if that’s what’s required.

I can turn photos around on the same day if needed, so if it’s urgent I can hand over the photos on a usb stick before the end of the day. You may want to select a few photos for editing.

In addition to clients’ own websites I also take photos for listing websites and obviously for LinkedIn as well!