Corporate Portrait Photography London

Corporate portrait photography doesn’t have to be boring! OK, so you can have a standard company headshot against a plain white background. I can do that. But if you want to show some of the character of your people and your organisation, that’s the better approach in my humble opinion.

Start by thinking about the location where your company portraits are taken. You could use a studio, which may or may not work depending on staff logistics and numbers. If you have at relatively large room in your office, you could use that and set up a small, temporary studio quite easily.

My favourite option is to try to use some of your environment in the images. This helps in several ways: it helps tell a story about your organisation, and it makes people more relaxed if they can sit or lean on some office furniture! Using your office means minimum downtime for your staff too.

Here is a small selection of my favourite corporate portraits, taken over the last few years:

Half a day is usually enough to create portrait photos of up to 12 staff at your organisation, but I have done 60 in one day. That’s a kind of conveyor belt approach. Giving a bit more time to each person means they can be more relaxed and get a company photo that they’re happy with.

Think about how your corporate portraits will work with your website and social media channels. You may want a happy, relaxed image along with a more serious photo, depending on what you do and where the images will be published. Do your staff blog, speak at events, meet clients? These are important considerations too.

Warning your staff in advance is important. You may be surprised how apprehensive some people are and how much preparation they may or may not want to put into how they look in their image!

If you’d like to discuss your corporate portrait photography in London or elsewhere, call me on 07779082909 or send me an email. I can help with ideas to get you the best photos.