LinkedIn Headshot Photographer | Update Your Photo In 2019

Are you looking for LinkedIn Headshot Photographer to update your profile photo for 2019 and beyond?

Would you like that photo to make you look credible, approachable and very employable?

What if the process of getting the shot done was painless and actually quote enjoyable?

Not all LinkedIn Profile Photography is created equal. The images can be created in my studio or at your office, and I often create LinkedIn headshots for whole companies so they can have consistency across their staff, or I work with individuals who want to improve their image online if they are looking for a job or trying to further their career.

Usually individual people go for a 45 minute headshot session which results in 5 final images, or I can go into an office for a half or full day.

Everyone is unique and everyone hates having their profile photo taken, so the session is about establishing what type of images will work best for you and then going about creating that. Sometimes I get the shot in the first 10 minutes, and other times it take a little longer for me to work with the client to create headshot photos that will make them look good on LinkedIn and other social networks.

You can also go for  a longer session so that we can create some nice headshots plus another set of more relaxed and informal portrait photos that you can use for whatever other purposes you need. It’s often a good idea to have a bank of great portrait photos so you can use them if you’re speaking at a conference, writing an article or being featured in a magazine. Each of these will have different requirements for the image you use, and having a choice will help you make the best impression.

LinkedIn Headshots can be created during your lunchtime or after work if you’re pushed for time.

The cost of the session is £125. Send me a message to get started.