Staff Headshot Photography

I regularly shoot staff headshot photography for company websites, LinkedIn profiles, intranets and other uses. Most often I do this by visiting a client’s office, and can bring equipment so we can create studio type images against a plain background, or I can use the office environment and natural light if that works better. I’m happy to consult with you to get the look you need. I can also liaise with your web designer to get things right.

Here are some examples of my staff headshot photography, showing a range of clients and different types of images. I aim for consistency across each set of staff images.

Staff headshot photographer for London’s leading business school:

Staff headshots for an ad-tech startup in Farringdon:

Headshot photography for the new website of a leading barristers chambers in London:

In a day I can photograph up to 60 people, and I’ve photographed headshots for up to 250 staff over a period of several days. I also regularly work with smaller companies with as few as three staff. I’m happy to give you some advice on the best way to organise the shoot.

Staff Headshot Photography in London

All I need to create staff headshot photography at your office is a room to work in. A large meeting room works best, but I’m pretty adaptable to any space. If you have good natural light and a characterful office, that works well. We can also use the environment around your office, or set up a studio in a room.

I take the same approach to staff headshot photography as I do to all my work and try to make the person I’m photographing enjoy the session, even in we only have a few minutes together. One of the most enjoyable challenges of my job is to create a good photo of someone who’s having a bad day in the office!

If you need good staff headshot photography then get in touch.