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Author Headshot Photography

Your publisher asks you for a recent author headshot photo that can be used in the press release for your new book. Plus, she says you need a picture of yourself for the book itself.

Realising the picture they are currently using is over ten years old, you scroll through your phone, looking for something that could be used.

You find a half decent picture from a wedding you went to in 2019, but how are you going to crop out that slightly drunk looking friend with their arm around you?

It’s time to bite the bullet, and get a proper author headshot photo, like one of these:

Many of the authors who come to me are in this very situation. And usually they come to me slightly stressed because they need the photo by the start of next week.

How do you get a good author headshot done?

First, have a think about the type of photo that would suit the subject matter of the book you have written. If you have written a piece of dark horror fiction, you probably don’t want the same photo as someone who’s written about life on the farm in 1930s Worcestershire.

Then, consider where you want the photos to be taken. We could use my studio, or it might be better to take them outside, or in a location that depicts what you do or the subject you write about. You may know the perfect place to have your photo taken. If not, I’m happy to help with suggestions.

Also, ask your publisher about rights for the image including how and where it will be used.

Then, get in touch with me and I will work with you to create some author headshots that you can use for the next ten years and take way the stress of scrolling through your phone to find the perfect photo.

LinkedIn Headshot Photography

Are you looking for LinkedIn Headshot Photographer to update your profile photo for 2020 and beyond?

Would you like that photo to make you look credible, approachable and employable?

What if the process of getting the shot done was painless and actually quite enjoyable?

Not all LinkedIn Profile Photography is created equal. A good LinkedIn headshot should be something you’re pleased to have representing you professionally on the web. A bad LinkedIn profile photo is something you pulled off your phone because you couldn’t find anything better.

Your professional LinkedIn photo can be created in my studio, at your office or outside. I create headshots for individuals who are looking for a job or trying to further their career and for companies so they can have consistency across their staff.

Usually individual people go for a 45 minute headshot session which results in 5 final images, or I can go into an office for a half or full day.

Everyone is unique and everyone hates having their profile photo taken, so the session is about establishing what type of images will work best for you and then going about creating that. Sometimes I get the shot in the first 10 minutes, and other times it take a little longer for me to work with the client to create headshot photos that will make them look good on LinkedIn and other social networks.

You can also go for a longer session so that we can create some nice headshots plus another set of more relaxed and informal portrait photos that you can use for whatever other purposes you need. It’s often a good idea to have a bank of great portrait photos so you can use them if you’re speaking at a conference, writing an article or being featured in a magazine. Each of these will have different requirements for the image you use, and having a choice will help you make the best impression.

LinkedIn Headshots can be created during your lunchtime or after work if you’re pushed for time.

Most people are a bit nervous about getting their photo taken, and lots of people don’t like most photos of them. But, honestly, nearly every single one of my clients actually find working with me to be an (almost) enjoyable experience, and are pleasantly surprised by how much they like the photos.

They send me messages like this after I send the final photos:

“Many thanks Andrew! They look great. It has been a pleasure.”

“Loving the photos!  But having difficulty picking 15 for editing…. Is that our absolute maximum?”

“Thanks so much, these look great.”

Send me a message to get started.





    Natural Headshot Photography

    When you think about  ‘natural headshot photography’, what does that mean?

    Lots of things about a headshot can be natural, including light, location, look, pose and expression.

    In fact, the more genuine a headshot is the better, because it shows how you really look when you are happy, relaxed and confident.

    Natural Headshot Photos

    Why Have A Natural Headshot Photo?

    Headshots can be used for many purposes. They are suitable for work, social media, actors, musicians. In fact there are not many places where they don’t work.

    My whole process is centred around getting the most genuine headshot I can.

    To do this you need to feel relaxed and confident, and also be in a situation where you are comfortable. You need to know how to stand, or site to give the most natural pose. And you need to be in a location that gives light that works perfectly for headshots.

    You also need to be confident in your photographers ability to get the shots you need. It’s a complete waste of time and money otherwise.

    Headshots Are Second Nature To Me

    People often come for a headshot session feeling slightly apprehensive but leave saying it was actually quite enjoyable.

    When they see the photos, clients say things like “You really got me!”. To me, that means I have captured natural photos, because to “get someone” in a photo means you have captured their real expression and the way they really look.

    The opposite it something that is staged, awkward and forced. Rarely is that a good look for a headshot.

    So, if you want something similar, get in touch.

    Photography For Brands

    I create images for brands who want to tell stories and build strong narratives. I work with agencies, PR firms, brands and companies in the UK and Europe.

    Brand Photography

    Excel Centre Event Photography

    This week I worked on behalf of Microsoft to create event photography at the Excel Centre during Sibos 2019.

    Sibos is a vast show, taking the whole of the Excel Centre. Anyone who is anyone in the corporate banking world is there for four days of insight and networking.

    Microsoft‘s stand at Excel was used to give talks and as a space for meetings for financial services executives to find out more about their payment, risk and crime prevention services and products. Microsoft had senior people for people to meet.

    I had a specific photography brief to shoot executives as they gave talks, capture action in the stand and to show events as they happened. My event photos at the Excel Centre were needed throughout the day to provide updates on Microsoft at Sibos, so I edited between sessions and provided photos to the team.

    Here are a few photos from the three days I was there.

    Conference Photography At The Excel Centre


    The Excel Centre is a vast space and the production for Sibos was huge. Both halls were full with impressive stands and there was a packed schedule of talks from top executives. I saw Johnny Wilkinson and Brian Cox.

    Microsoft had a great team at the show and I’m looking forward to working with them on future events.

    And, I now know things I didn’t know I didn’t know about banking and payments!

    How To Write A Photography Brief

    Should you write a photography brief? Yes, if you want to avoid getting into a pickle with your photos.

    At the offices of a private bank in Mayfair, a marketing manager receives an email with the photos from the portrait photography session he organised for the senior management team. It wasn’t easy getting time in their busy diaries, and the cost of flying one of them in from Frankfurt was eye watering, but the effort was worth it because he knows they will all be happy with the photos and the fresh new look they give to the website.

    Eagerly he opens the email from the photographer and looks at the images. They all look great because each director looks approachable and credible which is exactly what he wanted, so he forwards them on to the web development team. An email shoots straight back saying “Thanks, nice photos. Can you send the landscape orientation versions so they fit with the rest of the website?”

    The marketing manager checks the current website, and yes, the existing photos are all wider than they are tall to fit with the design. He emails the photographer to ask if he has any wider crops. She says no. She was never asked to shoot them in landscape orientation…

    How to write a photography brief
    How to write a photography brief

    This could all have been prevented by spending 10 minutes writing a photography brief.

    Why Write A Brief For A Photographer?

    Spending a little time to write a photography brief could save you time, money and reputation. By ensuring that the photographer knows the exact requirements for the images you need means they will produce images which exactly meet your needs.

    What Should You Include In The Brief?

    In light of the fact that you and the photographer are busy people, the brief doesn’t have to be War and Peace. It could be written in an email or a one page document, but you should include the following items:

    What Is The Background To The Shoot?

    Begin by briefly stating why you need these photos. For an event photography brief you might give some background to the event including number of attendees, subject matter and target market. Alternatively for a portrait photography job you could say that you have 10 new staff and a new website.

    Are There Any Visual And Brand Guidelines?

    The look of your photos is obvisouly of paramount importance and you may have existing brand guidelines and images that you can share. If this is the case, include some examples of existing photos so that the photographer can try to match them.

    If you want a completely new look, collect some examples that you like or that you think would work. Most photographers will be happy to collaborate on this.

    Lots of elements can influence that look of your images, for example:

    • Light vs dark background, and plain vs office background
    • Dress code
    • Colour vs black and white
    • Posed vs candid portraits
    • Where the photos are taken

    Where Will The Images Be Used?

    It is very useful for the photographer to know where the photos will be used so make a list. This could include your website, social media sites, printed media and presentations.

    What Are The Logistics?

    To make sure everything runs smoothly during the shoot include details of the following:

    • Contact details
    • Shoot location (including room if applicable)
    • Date and time

    Are There Any Deadlines?

    If there are any deadlines that you are working with, let the photographer know so that the final photos are with you in good time.

    What Image Formats and Sizes Are Required?

    Your design team may have requirements for the format, size, orientation and resolution of the photos. It is better for the photographer to know this beforehand so that he can shoot for specific crops and orientation, and then supply the photos in the correct format.

    What Shots Do You Need?

    To make sure you get all of the photos you need create a list so that nothing gets forgotten.

    Is There A Dress Code

    If the photographer should dress in a certain way let them know. Turning up to a black tie event in jeans is embarrassing for everyone.

    When Do You Need The Images To Be Delivered?

    State how you would like the image files to be delivered if you have specific requirements within your organisation.

    What Are The Invoice Details?

    Let the photographer know where they should send their invoice to, and if they should include a PO number.


    Including all of the above items when you write a photography brief will make sure you get the images you need, and it will help the photographer too.

    In fact it’s useful to write the brief before you approach photographers for quotes because it will enable them to thoroughly understand your requirements so that the work can be priced correctly.

    If you need any help writing a brief, let me know. I’d be happy to help.

    Corporate Event Photography

    I work with many clients who run corporate events and need good photography. These clients are either full time event companies or organisations which run events as one of their services.

    Event Photography London
    Event Photography London

    Here are the the top two reasons you may need good corporate event photography:

    – To make the event look engaging so that potential attendees will want to come to future events.
    – To make the event look busy so that potential sponsors and exhibitors will want to come to future events.

    A common way of working is to provide a few images throughout the day that can be uses on social media, and then the final, edited photos are supplied a day or two after the event. Clients can let me know their deadlines so I can work to that.

    Event Photography London
    Event Photography London

    A brief is a useful thing when hiring a corporate event photographer. This should set out which images are essential for you. Some events really want lots of shots of the speakers, others are more focussed on getting the crowd in the shot, showing them them having a good time. Sometimes you may need to ensure you have all of your sponsors logos shown in the images.

    The best events to work at and photograph are those with great light, large rooms, and lots of variety. If it’s a small event, great photography can still be captured, but the variety of images may not be as great.

    I’ve worked at venues that vary in size from the Excel Centre to an office meeting room.

    Here are a few of my corporate event photos:

    Live Event Photography
    Conference Photography
    Convention Photo London
    Engaging Photography For Trade Shows
    Corporate Event Photography London
    Corporate Event Photography London
    Event Photography London
    Event Photography
    Event Photography
    Event Photography
    Corporate Training Event Photography
    Corporate Training Event Photography

    If you’re looking for engaging corporate event photography to publicises and record your event, then get in touch. It would be great to hear from you.

    Professional Pictures

    Do you need professional pictures so that you or your company look accomplished, businesslike and experienced? As a professional photographer in London, it’s my day to day job to create professional photos for people and businesses, like these:

    Because I’m a professional photographer, I’m quick and efficient at taking photos like these for individual people who need images for work, and for businesses who have a number of staff to be photographed. I also take photos for authors, musicians and anyone who needs photos for work reasons.

    Why Have Professional Pictures?

    Professionally created images, as opposed to selfies, holiday snaps, or photos taken by the office photography enthusiast are much more likely to make you look exactly as you want to look and portray your image in the correct way. Creating professional level photography is not only about the technicalities of focus, lighting, composition and file formats. It is also about working with the person in the picture and creating an image that they are pleased to use on their website, social media channels and company reports.

    How To Create High Quality Photos

    To create professional photography, you need to create an environment where the subject is relaxed, happy and confident. The lighting needs to be perfect and created specifically for each person. You need to know how to correctly position your subject to make them look engaged and interested so it’s good to use either a studio where everything is under the control of the photographer, or the images can be created at your office and the environment can be incorporated into the picture to tell more of a story.

    If you’re interested in having some professional photos created for you, get in touch using the form below, or call / text me on 07779082909.