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Professional Pictures

Do you need professional pictures so that you or your company look accomplished, businesslike and experienced? As a professional photographer in London, it’s my day to day job to create professional photos for people and businesses, like these:

Because I’m a professional photographer, I’m quick and efficient at taking photos like these for individual people who need images for work, and for businesses who have a number of staff to be photographed.

Why Have Professional Pictures?

Professionally created images, as opposed to selfies, holiday snaps, or photos taken by the office photography enthusiast are much more likely to make you look exactly as you want to look and portray your image in the correct way. Creating professional level photography is not only about the technicalities of focus, lighting, composition and file formats. It is also about working with the person in the picture and creating an image that they are pleased to use on their website, social media channels and company reports.

How To Create High Quality Photos

To create professional photography, you need to create an environment where the subject is relaxed, happy and confident. The lighting needs to be perfect and created specifically for each person. You need to know how to correctly position your subject to make them look engaged and interested so it’s good to use either a studio where everything is under the control of the photographer, or the images can be created at your office and the environment can be incorporated into the picture to tell more of a story.

If you’re interested in having some professional photos created for you, get in touch using the form below, or call / text me on 07779082909.






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