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Event Photography

I provide professional event photography in London. Imagery created during your event can be used to record the key moments and success of your conference, meeting or launch party. My event photography can also be used on social media, websites and other publications to promote future events throughout the year.

Event Photography in London

Depending on your requirements, photography from the event can be sent to you during the event itself, or later the same day. My event photography clients include both large and small businesses, higher education establishments and charities.

Why Have An Event Photographer?

Over the past couple of years I’ve seen an increase in enquiries for event photography. I think this is due to the ever increasing demand for imagery required on social media when promoting events. Good event photography is essential to the success of future events for two main reasons: 1. It makes the event look desirable to potential delegates at your next event and therefore increases sales to that important segment, and 2. It sells the fact that sponsoring or exhibiting at your event is a good thing as there are loads of engaged people that your sponsors and exhibitors will get in front of.

My Approach To Event Photography

Being experienced at event photography means I know what the best shots are to get to help capture your event in a way that tells a good story. Usually I’ll confirm the photography requirements with the person organising the event, and often I’ll work to a brief which highlights the essential shots to get. Then I’ll work from different areas in the venue during the event to get the perfect mix of imagery. Often it’s about being in the right place at the right time to capture those perfect moments.

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