Profile Photography London

Lots of clients approach me for profile photography. They realise that how they look on the web is important and that their picture appears in all sorts of places including LinkedIn, emails, business websites and often for speaking appearances, writing, blogging or presenting at conferences.

The chances are that you’ll be asked for a profile photo. The best thing to provide is a head and shoulders photo which shows you looking professional and displaying the correct characteristics for the audience you’ll be representing yourself to. It’s a good idea to have a few profile photos on hand so that you have a range to choose from, e.g. super corporate, relaxed and casual, creative, serious and smiling. Then you can pick the best photo.

My headshot package costs £150 and includes 5 retouched images, so you have a range of images to choose from.

Here are some examples:

Profile photography London

Social media profile photography

Profile photography

Profile photography sessions take place in my Kennington studio, just one stop form Waterloo. During the shoot you can get changed as many times as you like so you have a range of different looks in your profile photos.

I’ll work on a number of different lighting setup ups to make sure you look your best, and after the shoot you’ll be sent 40-60 photos to choose from. You can then pick your favourite 5 which I’ll do a little retouching on to make you look even better.

Typically clients who need profile photos are people who are starting a new job, want to update their CV, need images for social media or for a website.

A profile photography session takes around 45 minutes and focusses purely on getting good head and shoulders shots. As a portrait photographer I can ensure that you feel at ease during the shoot so we get some nice relaxed images that you’ll feel good about using.