Photographers London

I am a London Photographer specialising mainly in corporate and business portrait photography, and also in music photography.

I’ve worked with corporate clients of all sizes from multinational supermarket chains, middle eastern financial authorities, charities, and loads of smaller companies and sole traders. Here are some typical examples of my work:

How to work with Photographers in London?

Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect London photographer:

  1. London photographers have many different styles and approaches. Decide on the type of photography you would like and then contact some photographers who seem to offer something similar.
  2. If you decide to have the shoot take place in your office, try to find a room of reasonable size for the photographer to work in. He or she will be easily able to set up a simple studio in a meeting room if you want photos with a plain background.
  3. Your office may make a good backdrop for your photography session. It will work best if you have windows with natural light, so if you have this, let the photographer know you’d like to use it.
  4. Think about whether you can get all of your staff on site for the shoot or whether it would be better to split the session over two or more days.
  5. Consider whether you need group shots as well as individuals photographed, and then think about which groups you need to be photographed together e.g. the whole office, the management team, and the sales team.
  6. Suggest that staff wear something appropriate for the photography session.
  7. London photographers are generally nice people! Ask your staff to be nice back to them and you’ll get better photos.
  8. People don’t look their best after a big night out, so it may be worth encouraging your staff to have an early night the evening before the photography session.

That’s all experience gleaned from multiple London photography jobs with corporate clients and businesses.

If you’d like to discuss your London photography requirements further, please get in touch.