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Portrait Photographer London

I am a professional London portrait photographer who creates portrait photos and headshots that people actually like. These images are used by businesses as corporate portrait photography, and also by individuals who want to capture more personal pictures.

Even if you or your team hate having photos taken you still need up to date photos for a website, social media presence or publication.

I make the process of getting portrait photography done painless and stress free and create photos that people are really happy with.

Your photos will be in a similar style to these:

London Portrait Photography

Do You Hate Having Your Photo Taken?

One of the first things you’ll probably say to me when we meet is “I hate having my photo taken”. I hate having my photo taken too, so it’s my job to make your portrait photography session as painless as possible.

You will look much better in photos if you are relaxed in front of the camera. As a result of photographing hundreds of people, I  have developed an ability to make your session seem effortless and easy. Because portraits are about people, creating an environment where you feel confident and comfortable is really important.

My friendly and professional approach will help you feel at ease while I take your photo. Even if you book a relatively simple headshot session I will bring just enough of your personality out to make you actually look like you in your photos. If you book me for a longer session we’ll be able to spend a bit more time creating images that capture different aspects of your personality and make you look exactly like you want to.

The session will be as relaxed and informal as possible because that will make the shoot much more enjoyable for both you and me, and it results in better photos. The selection of images on this page is a true reflection of my work, so it should give you a good idea of the type portrait photos you can expect from me.

My Portrait Photography Technique

I really enjoy photographing people because I enjoy the challenge and rewards of working with a massive variety of people. Two main factors are important to me when I photograph you: one is the way you look, and another is the way you act.

The way you look will influence the way I photograph you. Every  face is unique so a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. Depending on the way you look, I will tailor lighting and your pose, therefore getting the best possible images of you.

Due to my knowledge and experience I can use lighting which will make you look as good as possible. Every face reacts differently to light, and due to the fact that I’ve taken photos of every type of face I can quite quickly apply several lighting techniques that will work for you. Similarly, posing and using flattering angles will help make you look your best.

Personality almost always influences how the photos look, therefore everyone needs to be treated individually whilst having their portrait photo taken. I’ve worked with massive extroverts and also much more reserved people.  My job is to capture images which express not only the way a you look, but also shows your personality.

A Personalised Approach

Rather than working in the same way with everyone, I may treat two people completely differently. One may require a slower more relaxed approach to gently coax the best images from them, while another may react better to a higher energy shoot. Some people need lots of support and guidance with posing, in contrast others need none at all. I’ve become good at quickly building a relationship with my clients so that I can really capture what they are all about.

It’s important to consider how you want to look in your photos. There is no point in me thinking I’ve taken the worlds best photo if you don’t like the way you look in the image. So I will certainly get feedback from you on the photos I’m taking throughout the shoot. Additionally I’ll always use locations that are relevant to you, sometimes the studio is best, and sometimes other locations around London are more appropriate

I know that the first 10 minutes of a shoot probably won’t produce the best images, so I will use this time to get to know you a little bit and observe your natural poses and movements. As I spend more time with a client, I know that we’ll finally produce a set of images that we will be happy with.

During the shoot I’m very open to feedback and will show you the photos I’m taking as we go so you can make any changes or suggestions that you like.

So far I have failed only once to produce photos that my client was happy with, if you come into the studio maybe I’ll tell you about it.

Portrait Photography Tips

If you’re working with a photographer in London to create your portrait, here are some tips so to follow so your session is as successful as possible:
– Try to arrive at the session in good time so you can relax, adjust your hair, and take some time to chat to the photographer.
– Bring two or three outfits so that the photographer can create a range of different shots. Consequently you’ll benefit from having a set of portrait photos you can use for different uses over a period of time.
– You should certainly try to have a night in before the shoot so you look your best.
– Above all, relax and enjoy the session. A good photographer will be able to make you feel at ease and also enjoy your shoot. Both you and the photographer will be more satisfied with the images as a result of capturing something of your true personality.
– If you’d like to learn to shoot your own portraits, so you can bypass booking me as your photographer (not recommended of course), here are some tips on shooting portrait photography.

Where to See Portrait Photography in London

It’s always interesting to look at portraits because they may give you ideas and inspiration for the types of portrait images that could be created for you. It seems like much of the lighting used today by portrait photographers is adapted from the old masters who created very successful portrait imagery. For that reason many of the same principles of lighting and posing are applied by photographers today. Check out London’s National Portrait Gallery for inspiration.

Contact Me

If you’d like to enquire about creating some portrait photos for you just send me an email using the form below, or call me on 07779 082 909. I work from a studio in Kennington, London; one stop on the Northern Line from Waterloo, or I can also work on location.






    Portrait Photography London
    Portrait Photography London

    By Andrew Mason.



    Corporate Portrait Photography

    Have you been tasked with finding a Corporate Portrait Photographer in London?

    Do you want a photographer to come into your office and take a set of corporate portraits that everyone will be happy with?  Would you like that process to be simple to arrange and for the session to run smoothly?

    When I visit your office to create staff headshots or photos for you that’s exactly what will happen. All you need to do is give me a room to work in so that I can take pictures of each of your people that will make them look friendly, approachable and professional.

    At the end of the session, you’ll have an office full of colleagues who actually enjoyed having their photo taken, additionally you’ll be satisfied with  how well the day went.

    Here is a selection of my corporate portrait photography, taken over the last few years:

    As you can see, business portraits can be created in a variety of styles so that they match the character of your organisation and people.

    How To Organise A Corporate Portrait Photography Session

    If you’ve been tasked with arranging photos for your staff, these tips will help with setting up the session:

    Half a day is usually enough to create portrait photos of up to 16 staff at your organisation because that allows 10-15 minutes per person.  By giving a bit more time to each person it means they can be more relaxed so that they get a company photo that they’re happy with because they won’t feel rushed. Up to 50 people  can be photographed in one day.

    Think about how your corporate portraits will work with your website and also your social media channels.  Maybe you will may want a happy, relaxed image along with a more serious photo, depending on what you do and where the images will be published. Do your staff blog, speak at events, meet clients? These are important considerations, as a result you may need different photos for each scenario.

    Warn your staff in advance because some people will be apprehensive and they may want to put some effort into how they look in their image,

    You can have a standard company headshot against a plain white background if you like, however a better approach may be to try to show some of the character of your people and organisation.

    Consider the location where your company portraits are taken. You could use a studio, which may or may not work depending on staff logistics and numbers. If you have at relatively large room in your office, you could probably use that and set up a small studio quite easily.

    I can work with you to make the whole process run smoothly.

    If you’d like to discuss your corporate portrait photography in London or elsewhere, call me on 07779082909 or send me an email. I can help with ideas to get you the best photos.