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Event Photographer in London

Are you looking for professional event photography in London to create images so you record key moments and success of your conference, meeting or launch party?

Do you need photography that can be used on social media, websites and other publications to promote future events throughout the year?

Good photography is essential to driving attendees to your next event, because it tells the visual story of your conference or seminar.

If you don’t have good imagery, you may struggle to engage your audience for your next event. Consequently I produce photos that will make your event look like it was full of engaged attendees and enthusiastic speakers.

Event Photos


Why Have An Event Photographer?

Good photography is essential to attracting delegates and sponsors, hence increasing sales. It sells the fact that sponsoring or exhibiting at your event is a good thing because there are lots of engaged people that your sponsors and exhibitors will get in front of.

My Approach To Event Photography

To represent your event in a way that tells a good story I capture key moments, atmosphere and scale, including both people and the venue. The photography requirements are usually confirmed in advance, so often I’ll work to a photography brief which highlights the essential shots to get.


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